13 November 2007

Test III day 1 & 2

Day 1

#1: General Paper

100% = 50% comprehension & vocabulary + 50% essay.

First part, which is the comprehension & vocabs, is easier than I thought, thanks to Ms Lynn's 'torture'.

Second part, the essay. I chose to write the benefits of universal language, which I think I wrote pretty nice, though I might crapped or repeat some points continuously. Well, it's up to the teacher's decision for the grading.


#2: Pure Maths

5 long questions. Compare to normal tutorial papers, the test looks tame to me. But... time is the limiting factor, as I couldn't finish all the questions in time. Blow it.


#3 Biology

One of my favourite subject. I have no problem answering most of the questions, though I'm cautious how the teacher will mark my paper.


Day 2

#4 Physics

Another surprise of the day, this paper is easier than usual tutorials! Anyway, I did not manage to finish it again, sigh. I've done my best, so it's up to the teacher now to determine the grading.


2 more papers on Friday, which is Chemistry and Applied Maths. After that, can enjoy as much as I want. :)

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