30 September 2007

Coming back from Ipoh

I came back from Ipoh this afternoon, and now only got the mood to write this lol.

For your information, this is the first time I actually visited Ipoh and explore this old town. Previously I only stop-by this town for dim sum, then continue travel to the north. This usually happen during CNY, and the last time we went there for dim sum is quite some time ago.

This time I got the chance to feast on the signature dishes from Ipoh, namely the chicken rice, white coffee & traditional biscuits(香饼). Whatever I eat here taste good!! According to the locals, food establishments wont last for few weeks if the food they serve is not "standard" enough for the locals' taste. So that means, whatever you eat in Ipoh, the food quality is guaranteed so you can dine in without worrying whether the food is good or not (unless your taste is different, I'm talking about Malaysia Chinese's taste here).

The actual reason I came to Ipoh is to climb one of the hill (actually is just like morning walk up to the hill). Unlike the previous hike to Bkt Bendera in Penang, this hill is much easier to "conquer" as it is not as steep as the Bkt Bendera.

I haven't process the camera, so no pics for now. Tomorrow gotta back to college again, and I'm glad now we're using the new time-table starting from this week. I'll follow up this in the next post.

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