30 September 2007

Change in Time-table

无言的结局 (speechless end), this is what I thought of for the departure of Mdm Kalaimathy. I dont think the college will fired her or what, but likely to place her in other departments in the college.
Last Wed I did not attend her last GP lesson because lecturers before her are absent, so most of my classmates, including myself didn't turn out for the lesson. Only a handful of 'em turn up though.
I thought she'll get mad if she knew she's been thrown out of the classroom because of our complaints, so I dont wanna face to face with her in this kind of tense situation.

I heard from friends of C class, who attended her last lesson on Thursday. She only found out that she's been replaced by Marilyn that day, and she wishes us all the best and feel free to message her if we're having problems. I only heard of this, I dunno what's her reaction upon hearing the news.
Actually we students knew this weeks ago, but we thought she knew it as well, so we mostly kept quiet in the class.

To be fair to her, the last few lessons I attended are quite OK, very kind that type. Now I felt sorry for her though. But for the long run we really need a better tutor.
We pay for the fees, so we're eligible to ask for a decent lecturer. Now this is not a single student's problem, it is 2 class of students complain together, so I think we're not doing over the limit 'eh?

So now let's talk about Marilyn, the replacement GP lecturer. As I mentioned, she is the first GP lecturer I had. She taught us for 2 weeks before the holiday break at the end of May, and eventually she's been placed to teach diplomas.
I think we'll enjoy her class well, because she's very good at making jokes while explaining stuffs and facts. I'm prepared to face more essays and presentations to come under Marilyn's reign.

I will only have her class on Thursday, and a freaky 2 hours lesson with her! Good or not? I'll report it when I had her class.

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