21 August 2007

Political Warfare

I dont like politics, but the fact is that I cant avoid political confrontations in my life.

As a youngster, whether like it or not, have to deal with political stuffs, at least once or twice within a few years. Dont get what I mean? Youngsters will eventually turn into an eligible voter someday, so they have to decide who they should vote for. I wont be involved in the next election, but I certainly will vote for the other election to come.

The next election will be held pretty soon(late '07 or early '08), as hinted by the gov. For some political reasons, the gov have to manipulate the election date in order to prevent one of their toughest opposition to compete in the upcoming election.

As a Malaysian, we understand that there are certain issues that is highly sensitive, namely racial and religious topics. It is a taboo for us to make fun and show disrespect of these topics, but somehow there is still someone out there to play with fire.

Talk about politicians, sometimes I think they're like a snake biting on it's own tail. It is quite common to have disagreements at certain matter within own members, but there's some of them went over the limit, starting to turn against each other. Those radical or fanatics or whatever you can label them, teases, insult and speak harshly at their own political members, attempting to cause unnecessary problems for the organisation itself.

To be straight forward, I see that those people in the political world sometimes remind me of my schooling days.
"Those who're ignorant and brainless would try to fool around by speak out loudly without thinking what they're talking about, while those noble and capable ones kept quiet as they've no chance to speak for themselves."
Of course, not of all of them are pointless, but only a handful of them speak for the truth, which is rare.

Right now, the Malaysian gov authorities had their eyes set on Malaysian bloggers & webmasters, whom the authorities fear for them would spread false rumours, wind up some particular parties and causes stir within the community, eventually affecting the upcoming election. Those who're involved with the issue are mostly political observers who uses Internet as their medium to express their thoughts, as well as their opinions. Internet can be a place full of lies, so spreading false infos is not uncommon these days. Somehow, this matter did drag along other local bloggers and webmasters, as the authorities are taking the matter seriously by monitoring blogs and webs, and possible censoring them. This makes netizens question the rights and freedom of the Internet.

Lets get back to the election.

According to the adults, they questioned if the current gov party will win the election as easy as they used to be, as they're facing tough competitions from the oppositions. Since the last election, the gov had made mistakes that upsets many people. I certainly understands that an individual or organisation would make mistakes, but for a political party this would cost their votes. From my experience of playing SimCity game, I learn that in order to secure your political position, you have to make the people happy, or at least satisfied with the situation. It is a simple rule, but I can only see the gov is favouring a particular group of people, neglecting the others.

In my opinion, no matter how clean and clear you look at the political world, there must be the darkside overshadows the bright side. Corruption, lies, faking, double-agent etc is been part of the game. I believe in this world, no political party can last long without playing these dirty tricks. I know not all of them fall for the game, but still there must be someone else playing it behind the scene. It is a part of our human nature, greed that is.

Although there's lots of clashes in the political world, but compare to some other nations, our political situation is far better than them. At least, here the politicians would fight against each others through the war of words & debates, rather than drafting military to threaten others. No matter how fierce the politicians' arguments, things would be settled in a non-bloodshed manner.

I think that's what I wanna talk about the political stuffs. I'm not a pro in this issue, just speak it out of my mind. If you've any thoughts wanna share, feel free to comment, but do not flame me OK?


  1. Nice writing, since the last election, whatever still stays the same besides the raising price of petrol, sugar and rice.

    I don't think the current government servants take initiative to initiate their job. As an instance, the recent bus accident which claimed 22 lives in result of a "f-a-s-m" driver. What are the polices doing? There are plenty of police doing their routine patrol on the road, plenty of officers in the police department, why can't they just spend some time to eliminate those drivers who are not qualified to drive?

    The malfunction government complexes, a part of the symbol of the country. Apa tu maruah negara? Burst pipes in the brand new Court Complex at Jalan Duta. Just days back, news on every channel boasting about the newly built building as the largest court complex in Asia or whatsoever. Who should be responsible for these?

    Tax payers generate the country's income, but where does the income of the country goes to? Spent for unneccesary repairs and maintenances? Where are our money to aid in our education? Do you know we don't have money to further our studies? I think I would have chance to study at England if my parents did not pay their taxes since I came to this world!

    I don't care you guys side whom, what skin you like or what you like to hear or say. As a Malaysian and in a democracy country, you government should not manipulate democracy. You lose in election means you are defeated in the aspect of ability to govern the country, nuff said.

  2. My, my... I see that political awareness has begun to creep into you... that's good, it shows that you are indeed maturing..... well, my two cents - most youngsters develop their political thinkings along their parents' stands.... in this case, your parents will stand by the current govt... whether you will tag along with their views or otherwise, will depend on whether you are able to effectively differentiate the current political situation against the nation's future at hand... only time will tell what's in the pack of cards that is shuffling in your hands....

  3. http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=qHhG5AUdzdE