11 July 2007

Test Finished

Banzai!! The 1st test for me is being concluded today by the last General Paper test!!
Well, the overall test is trickier than I expect.

I've got back some papers now, but I dont think I want to write something bout the papers until I get all the papers back.

Today lecturers hinted us that there will be some changes in the exam system within our course. We'll be seating for our year-end exam around Nov in the main college hall, and the result will determine whether the students are eligible to continue taking the scholarship for the next semester. This doesnt affect me that much as I am, unfortunately, not a scholarship holder. :\

As a reward for all the hardworks preparing the test, some classmates decided to treat ourselves for a movie this Friday after class. So far they've planned going to Time Square's GSC to watch "Harry Potter: The Order of Phoenix" movie.
I've watched previous HP movies and quite disappointed with the movie quality that was inferior than reading the storybook itself. I always had high hopes on the new movie continuation, so please do not fail me this time!

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