13 July 2007

Harry Potter 5 movie

Today went Time Square for movie with a gang of classmates, what movie? You should know by the poster.

Was late bout 15 mins for the movie due to mistimed estimation. Movie starts at 1.45pm but we only start our journey around 1.15pm, 2 train rides and still have to collect the ticket.

We've missed the intro part. When we're seated the screen showing members from The Order of Phoenix came and rescue Harry from the Dursley's house.

As usual HP series movies are highly modified and only showing the major plots of the story, neglecting side-stories that would make the story even more interesting. Sometimes this make the movie looks kinda awkward itself as many occasions are skipped and what's even worse, tweaking the storyline from the original storybook.
For example, the movie shows that Cho Chang confessed to Umbridge about the DA after being served with Veritaserum (truth potion) , but according to the storybook it's actually Cho Chang's friend Marietta who leak out the DA to Umbridge.
Why the movie would want to alter this important plot? I guess they're saving some cost to hire the minor character Marietta.

No point I argue for that point, those movie-makers sometimes wanted to earn money rather than setting an "animated" version of the storybook itself. If they did so, I guess it'll took more than 24 hours to cover all the details in the storybook, whether it's a minor or major plot, without altering the storyline at all. How unrealistic this is.

After movie we settle down for Sushi King. Over there met with classmates who're eating there as well.
I spent RM10 for the meal. 2 unagi sushis (my fav but costly), 2 cuttlefish sushis and 1 futomaki, plus a cup of free-refill green tea.
They serve decent sushis, but the price..... (-__-"). I think I'll only step into Sushi King again if I dont need to pay for what I ordered. LOL!!

Hmm.... I've noticed that the entire outings I'm relatively quiet, didnt talk too much or so, like does not fit into the gang that well. Aiks, weakness exposed once again!!

I think the most amusing scene during the movie is when Umbridge is questioning Snape bout his job as a teacher in Hogwarts, which annoys Snape and showing annoying but funny expression on his face. I started to like Snape this character in the movie, but unfortunately his role in the movie is greatly decreased due to the reason I mentioned above.

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  1. I was rather annoyed to see that Cho confessed to Professor Umbridge in the movie!
    Also, I was disappointed that Lockhart didn't make an appearance in the movie. Professor Snape should have been in more scenes!

    Haha... the movie was exciting, but the book was better.