08 July 2007

Fei Yu Ching at Genting

So last night accompanied parents up to Genting Highlands to watch 费玉清, the Taiwanese ballad singer. Hmm.... just search on the net found out that he's actually same age as my parents, heh.

He's an evergreen singer, his fans ranged from oldies to young generation like me, but in the concert hall I guess more than 50% are oldies. For the first time, Arena of Stars in Genting are fully seated!! I've been the concerts and performances at the Arena but this is the 1st time I see all the seats are occupied! From this you can judge that how popular is Fei Yu Ching, heh.

He sang about 50 songs during the 2 hours concert, he's singing non-stop! The only pause is when he's drinking water, or addressing the audience. He sings with his trademark style raising his head while singing, and every song he sang sounds good!!

The ending part of the concert is the best part, where he tries to mimic fellow artistes singing style and songs. The last song he sang is 千里之外 which is a popular hits song last year duet with Jay Chou. This time he solo the song, and I've manage to record it down lol.
Since it's a recorded soundclip with my mp3 player so please do not expect CD-like quality haha.

Really enjoy the show, real good stuff. Parents say they're planning to watch Engelbert Humperdinck's concert next month, and I'm a little doubtful whether I should follow them to watch it that time? For this Fei Yu Ching concert I went is because I just finish most of my test and deserves a little entertainment, and because personally I like him so, there it goes!

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