18 June 2007

What to write?

Lately I havent write anything personal on this blog for quite some time. Maybe the busy college life somehow blow away my mind of blogging after all. Unlike my life in secondary school, I seem cant write anything much bout the lessons and classes in college.

And perhaps it's because European football league's seasons will only be starting again sometime in August, and til then I couldnt enjoy top-class football actions happening in Europe. I do understand that the players need some time to rest instead of playing all the year without resting.

Talk about football, last weekend's game turn out to be the muddiest game I ever played. The soil condition is terrible, the field turn out to be a muddy swamp caused by the late-night downpour. All of us covered with mud when the game ended, no one is safe from the mud strike. I've manged to scrap in 4 goals, heheh....

My enjoying moments might end soon, as the 1st test will be held on the 1st week of July! So far I think I might struggle in Pure Maths & Physics. The rest, should be no problem to get a Pass.

That's all for today. Somehow I'd prefer to blog from college's ICT lab. The keyboard is very good, suit my typing style of hitting the keys like playing piano lol. Also, IE7 looks promising to me, but I cant use it at home as I'm using "Jack Sparrow" version of Windows XP. :P

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