02 June 2007

Occupied Holidays

Apologise for lack of updates on my blogs. Yea, not just this blog I've neglected, but the other too, which I've received complaints lack of updates.

All right to make things clear, it's been quite a busy week for me you see. It's holiday break for me but I'm up to something almost everyday.

Let's see.... I've spend few days playing football, greatest game ever! Went to KLCC twice, browsing for books and goods, as well as enjoy a 'luxurious' meal with my mate KY, with a feast at Nandos.

I'm slowly catching up to get my driving license, hopefully I can take it sometime in July, I suppose. Tomorrow gonna goto the 2nd briefing, which is boring and time-wasting, well according to friends' account. Now I just wanna hop into the car, ignite the engine and ready to drive. I can do that if I want but because it's illegal so I better stay out of trouble. Driving a car look much easier than other things, though.
By the way I think I havent write it here, that last week passed my on-the-road-law test, which I scored 2 pts above the passing mark. No matter what I've passed, nothing to shout about as it's relatively easy.

I had 1 more week to enjoy this holiday, because I'll have to wait until August then only I'll have another week of holiday then. The real college life challenge will begin that time, now is still can be considered as 'honey-moon period', told by the lecturers.

Anyway, recently I'm hooked up by the 6th book of Harry Potter series, The Half-Blood Prince. I only realised I got this book bought by my sis sometime ago and yea I'm almost done reading it within 3 days time. I couldnt wait for the 7th and the last book!! The Deadly Hallows....

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  1. shucks! u shld hv called me, then we cld hv met up for lunch at klcc.... next time maybe.....