11 June 2007

A little nervous?

Suppose to be looking forward tomorrow going back to college, but somehow there's some disturbing thoughts playing in my mind from time to time, making me felt uneasy and nervous, yeah.

Perhaps it's because the pressure of A Level? As I can observe myself now, compare to other diploma students, we PreU students have to study more and really there's not much time left for leisure. I can compare this by looking their time-tables. Diploma students have loose time-tables and in between they've long hour breaks. Whereas us PreU students, weekdays we literally start our lessons at 8am and ends sometime around 3pm. We only got 1 hour break though. By comparing this we can see that PreU students' studies is more hectic compare to diplomas.

I think I should be fine when things are getting settled down. As what I've experienced before, things turn out to be not as complicated as I thought eventually, well I hope this prediction will be correct til the end then. I couldnt withstand a sudden shock or surprise for studies though.

Just an expression of feelings on the net, I guess this is a good stress-reliever solution for myself.

Anyway here's 2 vids I'd like to post, someone's playing "He's A Pirate", theme of the Pirates of the Caribbean. Just discovered this piece was composed by Hans Zimmer, another renowned soundtrack composer. You can compare the music played by different instrument, an upright piano and an electronic piano. Both are good, so enjoy then.

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