10 June 2007

Going back to TARC soon

Yesterday went to college to copy my new time table. Crap, dunno why this time the office wouldnt print out the time-table for us like what they during our first week. It's unusual to go back to college there just to copy time-table, and to make matter worse they didnt make full use of the college network, they should've post it up there so students can check it easily online.

Nevermind now, at least I'm quite happy with the new time-table. Now my class starts from 8am and ends on 3pm from Monday to Wednesday. Thurs slight extended lessons until 3.30pm, but I've no complains for that day because having 2 practicals in 1 day. Friday, lesson is up til 12.30pm only, means I can enjoy my weekend earlier! Yeah!

Anyway, the college now is different than it was before my holiday. Now when I go back I'm quite certain it'll be human jams inside the campus itself. Diploma students themselves had already occupied the whole canteen 2 area, and what if PreU students came back from their holiday? I hardly can imagine how it'll looks like during lunchtimes....

According to the lecturers before our holiday, now we'll start the real tough lessons, as feared by seniors, LOL. No matter what, I will try my best to do well in the studies, and hopefully less negative influence from friends around me. :)

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