28 June 2007

Extended Family Blogs

My cousin MSN messaged me ask me check out her new blog, so decide to give it a try. It turn out to be something I expected from a teenager's blog, street art-based theme and fancy layouts. For some reasons I shunned my blog from designs like this, as I prefer more "professional" designs. :P

From her blog I noticed some other cousins' blog as well, which remains unknown to me until now. It's interesting and I decided to link them up here.

Yi Xuan
Cousin from Subang Jaya. Usually the family gathering would take place at her house.

Xiao Shan
Cousin staying not so far from my place. Her mum cooks delicious food. A Sammi Cheng(郑秀文) die-hard fan.

Xiao Yin
Elder cousin from Australia. Went to attend her sis(my eldest cousin)'s wedding on Jan. A cheerful lady.

Yong Long
Elder brother of Xiao Yin, still a young lad but earn some serious cash. His blog talks alot about his investment and share trades, which is not my cup of tea lol.

Dunno what's going on with my sisters' blog. I know they come to my blog once in awhile but their blog seems to be inactive for quite some time. Busy 'eh? Nevermind then....


  1. uhh its ara damnasara, petaling jaya xD
    and and and.... its not fancy!! you telling me you not teen now laarr xP

  2. hAHa! Thanks for the correction =P And I've already contacted your sister~!

  3. and and... fyi, Xiao fen has a bloggie too!! but... i think she seldom update... =(