26 June 2007

Dying MP3 Player

* Biology lecturer Ms Chong is absent, rumour spreaded that she's having MC today. There'll be 2 hours additional break for me as I'm having her lecture and tutorial class today. Now I'm writing this from college's ICT lab again. :) *

Last night I was trying to load in GSD songs I just downloaded into my MP3 player, but somehow the device appears to be in mess up condition. The screen display shows that the device needed to be reformatted. Normally this should not be a problem as usually reformatting is just plug in the device, goto "My Computer", select the device and check format settings.

Things turn out to be much complicated than I thought. Dunno why the computer somehow refuse to recognise the device, and lags my computer so badly when Im trying to check the device.

Tried this on another computer, the computer managed to recognise the device but refuse to format it. Oh well..... I'm getting frustrated.

Today if there's no GP class, or maybe I'll skip it, I want to goto Carrefour to have a look for a new player. I think it's the time to replace it, really, nowdays having an mp3 player with 128MB capacity is simply not enough! Plus that model is dated back 2002 so it's kinda obsolote nowdays.

I'm planning to get a new player with the following specs:
  • Priced around RM100-RM250
  • Capacity more than 512MB
  • Computer-charged battery or AAA battery
  • Optional card reader function
  • Optional video-playback function (this function commonly known as MP4, which is incorrect)
  • If possible I want a branded player like Creative.

    I think I'm getting more desperate getting a new mp3 player.... Music is part of my life and without the mp3 player life can be miserable!

    OK now I think that's all I can write for now, later 10am still have Mr Low's Chemistry lecture. Better off now seeya!
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