19 June 2007

Beckham's Adidas boots

To most football fans's knowledge, David Beckham is heading to US to continue his professional footballer life after winning the La Liga champions title with Real Madrid. As one of the most marketable figure in world of football, Beckham's sponsor, Adidas had launched a series of football boots in alternate colourways exclusively for DB himself.
Now here's the list and pic for each boots Adidas had made specially for him.
(click for larger pic)

2002, Predator Mania "Lunar" (World Cup 2002 Korea/Japan)

2004 Predator Pulse "Ying Yang" (limited edition, only 723 pairs ever made. EURO 2004)

2005 Predator Pulse "Thumbprint" (Thumbprint of DB himself embeded to the boot.)

2005 Predator Pulse 2 "Silver Dragon"

2006 Predator Absolute DB "Cardinal Silver" (World Cup 2006 Germany)

2006 Predator Absolute DB "Blue Lion". (World Cup 2006 Germany)

2007 Predator Absolute DB "Swerve" White/Black

2007 Predator Absolute DB "Globe" White/Red

2007 Preadator PowerSwerve DB Navy Blue/Gold

2008 Predator PowerSwerve DB White/Gold

There's the gold colour variation specially made for Beckham for his 100th international appearance against France. Read more here.

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  1. where, i can get boot adidas predator pulse???