13 May 2007

Something regarding the Layout

I've talk about changing this blog's layout in March, and for your information I'm not starting to search for a replacement for the template.

I still look for free templates at Gecko&Fly, the site where I get this current template. I admit this template can be a little dull as it only got black, gray and white colour. I plan to add in some colours into the blog soon.

So far I've shortlisted 3 possible template replacement for this blog, have a look please.

  • Binary Bonsai (Preview)

  • Andrease02 (Preview)

  • Forest Green (Preview)

    Do you have any comments on these templates? If so please let me know. I plan to alter the default codes to make it suit my taste, just like what I did to this current ones(the "Rhapsody of CLF" header doesnt come with the default template codes!).

    Working on this new template might take days, and I only plan to start the project during weekend or during my 1st holiday break 2 weeks later.
    My previous experience dealing with the template is that I've to create lots of graphic or coding stuff offline before I upload it online. My computer is ageing, so some tasks couldnt be completed in time. I've to take my time.

    'til then I'll settle with this template for sometime. It wont be too long before you saw another facelift of this blog again. ;)
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