14 March 2007

Rushing and Busying

Today and yesterday could be one of the busiest day I ever had.

Tuesday morning, helped myself and my friend to get a part-time job, also to replace me to continue do tuition notes for the tuition center. After that, bank in my Feb wages into the bank. Photocopied my certs needed for later use.

Rest awhile at home, then walk to LRT station catch up the train to Jelatak to attend my dental appointment. Asked the dentist bout the tooth growing awkwardly inside my mouth, she said as long as it's not troublesome, I can leave it as there, or get rid of it once my braces stuff are done. I prefer not to get rid of it though. Next appointment, 11th June, 9am in the morning. I should be back then, from the NS camp.

I return to LRT Wangsa Maju, then proceeded to make a call to TARC to ask about the A Levels admission. I still have to get a RM25 money order from the post office, and then I walk from the station to the nearest post office, located bout 3 KMs from the LRT station. Waited for 45 mins I guess, before I finally get the money order. I need this money order to process my application for the A level course.

Wednesday morning, my last football game at Setapak Indah before going for NS. A nice game, scored 1 goal and assisted few goals. Nice game. Had a tea break with those football friends, before going Chin Wei's house to clean up myself for the appointment with Wen Xin at TARC.

I'm planning to submit my application form today, and also check out what's her plan then. A little bumper, I didnt take my birth cert to be certified, so have to rush back home find for it. Thankfully the taxi driver is kind enough to wait me and send me back to TARC straight away once I got the document I wanted. Hand in the entire application form, dump it into the application bin, job's done!

Great, to get all the things done within few days time feels good! What makes me felt happier is that I run all the errands all by myself, and at the meantime I'm able to help those who need some advise too!! :D

At least, now I can goto NS with sight of relief~
Just hope that my application is accepted and I can apply for earlier come back from the camp. I think I might enjoy the camp, but I do not wish to stay inside there for too long!

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