18 March 2007

Last post before I'm gone

I'm feeling excited and nervous now. It's a 50-50 situation. I know I'll be enjoying NS, but then I also have to stay alert on the sneaky parts and also have to live without Internet for months.

Oh well, being reading my blogpost tonight, lots of fond memories I'd back in school, hah. Really hard to let go, or maybe this is the time I learn how to let go something I treasure on?

Once again thanks to my friends who're willing to help me out to blog here, while I'm away starting from tomorrow. I guess I wont have the chance to read what you guys wrote til I come back. Dont worry, I'm very open-minded and I told you can blog on anything you like. :)

Squall & Jason, maybe you guys can help me write my life in NS here? I sms you two and help me post here? Hahaha....

Let's get back into NS business, tomorrow I'll be leaving home at 7am, gonna gather at Bukit Jalil car park C at 8am. til then I dunno what will be my fate then, heh. Oh well, in the end Wen Xin had to goto Sepang's Princess Haliza Camp, before this she's looking forward to goto Sarawak's camp, to travel on plane for the first time. That's fate, I guess. I'll try to keep on contacts with some of my friends and families while I'm over there, via handphone.

That's it I guess.... when I get back I planned to earn more money on this blog via advertising, and considering redesign the whole template. That, will have to wait me come back by June or May only can accomplish. For now and then, farewell to my friends, please remember me for my great knowledge in computers/Nets, my playful football skills, my sociable appearance and so on, hahaha....
JK, I dont think I'll be easily forgotten, or it is? I dunno, let time reply my question then, heh.

OK lar I really have to go now, see you peoples again when I come back!! :D

P/S: Guys, please include your nickname below every post you've written, so I can know who write which post like that, ok? Thanks, I appreciate it!

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