17 March 2007

AWAY: National Service 18 March - 9 June

Finally, today is the last day I'll be able to write blog like this. Heh I hope that my friends who're still around can help me maintain this blog abit.

Yeah.... feeling excited and nervous. I hope that, if I got chance to come out from the camp for few days, I'll try to goto my relative's place to online if that's possible. I dunno, maybe I couldnt come out to meet my relative at all, during that period.

Also, depends on my college application, I wanted to get back here around mid-May, because A level is starting on the 14th of May, so I expected to be back on 12/13 May. I might enjoy the camp there, but ultimately I still prefer to be in KL. :P

Some details bout the camp I'll be going:

Kem Wawasan Kampung Ovai, Papar.
Peti Surat 182, Tanjung Aru,
88858, Kota Kinabalu, Sabah.

Tel : 088-919248 / 088-919245
Fax : 088-909171 / 244366
Email : kwawasan@tm.net.my

This is my pic, taken this year CNY. I dunno how will I look like when I'm back? Haha....


P/S: You can still contact me while I'm there. I'll be using 2 numbers there, 017-3636 026 / 016-308 4321. I prefer to receive sms, and also I can only reply msg on weekends. ;)

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