16 February 2007

Confusing problem

Yeah, back in blogging business with my Vikings computer. Now I finally realised the culprit behind all these troubles.
Graphic card is still usable, tho the fan isnt moving; RAM is still going strong after 5 years; motherboard and processor is still in good condition. The end? It's the DELL LCD monitor's fault.

The technician claimed that he've tested my CPU on 3 monitors and all working well. When I took my LCD monitor to the shop, horizontal and vertical lines mess up the display. Great, now I've pinpoint the faulty hardware that made me so tension these few days.

CLY called DELL service center. They say replacement will be send next week, well hopefully it works well too.

I did not expect this half year old hardware is the problem, the youngest hardware in my workstation. Luckily I still have guarantee for the Dell LCD, and thankfully I havent dump my old Samsung CRT monitor LOL!! Now using the original monitor that comes with the PC set.

Yea my computer is aging, it's been 5 years alrdy and many parts are still going strong, though there's some minor problems bugging me sometimes. Hmm.... it wont be long before I'll decide to get a new computer. Well hopefully, the new com comes with Windows Vista Home PREMIUM!

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