19 January 2007

View of Life

Recently someone I knew on the Net is trying to challenge my view of life. Because we're living in different world and environment, I find that it's hard to explain the situation to each other.

My friend asked me nightlife in KL. I replied, I havent reach the legal age to get into a bar/pub and I dont enjoy that kind of activity. I explain further more that pubs and bars over here are restricted by the law, to respect the religion matter. As a Malaysian, it's understandable situation, but not for a foreigner.

Apparently this friend have some sort of British background or so. He likes to quote history stories to challenge my view.
You see, as a Malaysian we've learnt to accept, respect and continue the unique culture and tradition every races inherited since eons ago. I think the forming of the Malaysian law, the Perlembagaan Negara does work well to preserve the culture of each races, in some ways.

I was asked, am I being a slave here? Hahah, funny yet stupid question. If I were a slave, how can I online and write blog now? I've the freedom to do whatever I want, no one's restricting my actions. I guess my friend interpret the word "slave" with a different matter though.

When it comes to religion matter, I try to avoid discussion on this because in my opinion as a Malaysian, this is a sensitive issue. I prefer to stick with my own beliefs, respect other's beliefs and live together peacefully. I do however felt offended if one bash me with one's own beliefs, bringing down other's beliefs, and telling others the superior of their beliefs.

You know, I dont like this kind of argument, so I try to stay away from this. If I couldnt escape, I'll resort to humble and quiet nature. In the end I'll reply them with a :) .
I prefer to be humble during arguments. Not that I'm coward or what, just that I find it hard for me to express what I want to say in words, you know, speechless. I might be quiet, but that doesnt mean that I'm trying to run away.

OK, when arguments in real life ends, quarrel in game begins. Sometimes I just dont really understand what's the fuss of getting mad with something in the game. I've learnt the lesson, never ever get mad in a game, especially in an online game.
If you felt fed up because of a game and ruined your mood for the rest of the day, then quit the game!
I felt that it's funny that one take gaming soo seriously until one's life turned into unbalanced situation between reality life and fantasy game life.


Since the case is closed, I think I dont need to elaborate further.

Whatever situation I'm facing, one of my defending method is to reply them with my sarcastic tongue. So next time if you heard me talking in a sinister matter, you'll know that
I'm not ease with the situation. >:)

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