25 January 2007

Perth, Australia 1

Darn!! Yesterday night on the flight I only manage to get 1 hour sleep from the entire 6 hours journey. Gee.... I still manage to hang over the whole day til evening.

Here the weather is very hot, hotter than KL. Although I came from a tropical country but I sitll cant cope with the heat! I guess the average temperature here is bout 38'C?

This time our trip is planned by my relative over here. It's quite some time I didnt meet the cousins because they're living here for quite some time already. They also serve as tour guide for us tho, heh.

Today visited some of the landmarks in Perth. King's Park, according to my relative is the place where you can get the best view of the Perth city skyline. Visited University of Western Australia, find out some requirement info if I wanna enrol into this university. There's 2 prestigeous university over here, one for the UWA and another is University of Curtin. Both are about 15 to 30 mins drive away from my relative's place.

I'll post some pics here when I'm back in KL. Gonna "steal" some pics from my relatives' camera before I go back KL, GG.

My cousin's wedding will take place during Saturday, and tomorrow Friday we plan to goto the beach side, and at night maybe we'll watch fireworks over the Perth skyline, since tomorrow is Australia's national day.

It's good that I still can online here, at least I can "cure" my addictiveness of relying on Internet no matter where I'm going, well thankfully Australia is a developed country and Internet services are something very common. :)

See if I'll write some updates some other time. til then, ciaoz~

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