10 December 2006

Movie Making experience

So far I've made 4 videos using Windows Movie Maker(WMM), a program I once thought it's very sophisticated to use. Now I'm still learning how to master WMM. Everytime I made a new video, I'll learn new stuff hidden in WMM, which I feels good.

To make a good video(in my opinion), first of all you'll need a handful of resources, the photos, videos & music. I get most the photos & videos from myself(either I took it or sneak it from somewhere else), as well as from friends. Finding suitable source is not so easy when you've too many pics together, like the problem I faced during making the latest video. I've to go through all the pics I've took from 2004 to 2006. (@_@)

Secondly, the arrangements & effects are important too. I start from the base, line up all the pics/vids together in a line, like a train, then slowly tweak it one by one, like the train conductor check every cabin in a train.
I just learn that repeating a same pic using some effects will make the pic looks like an animation. I just tried that during the intro of the last video.

So after you've settle the pics & vids, now is the time to decide what mood you want to inject into the video. I personally favor instrumental music in this case, however sometimes I do insert songs with people singing, depends on what kind of atmosphere I want to create. Music with piano is my first choice for background music so far.
Here's a sample: "Purity of Your Smile", from Ragnarok Online.(2MB)

When you think you've done everything, replay the video and check if there's any mistakes or so. One thing I'm not good is that whenever I tweak a part of the music or the pics/vids arrangement, I'll neglected the other parts that will be drag along with the changes too. Like I said, it's like a train, if you move the front to elsewhere, the back will be effected too.
If you watch the latest vid properly, the scene between the videos & pictures in the 2005 part, the word "Showtime!" & the song is a little off beat, that's because I've made changes in the intro so mess up that part. Mistakes are unavoidable sometimes.

Here's a list of videos I've made so far.
  • March 06, 5S2-2006.
  • July 06, friend's birthday video(unreleased).
  • Nov 06, Graduation.
  • Dec 06, Chong Hwa Fragment of Memories 2004-2006.

    I do edited few videos from other occasions too, some of them are available on my Youtube page but I dont include those vids in here because I just simply make it to save spaces in the computer without much editing. The vids included this year's School Band final, last year's my birthday party.

    That's all I want to share bout my experience of making movies. I enjoy doing this, because it feels good when people enjoy the video, and I've learn another skill. :D
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