11 December 2006

Kiddies' game

I've started to play Maple Story for almost 1 month, things are getting from good to bad. I still enjoy the game playing myself, but the surroundings affected my gaming experience most of the times.

I notice that, more than 50% of the population in Maple Story consist of underage kids(primary to early secondary standard). Because of this, their kiddiness ruin many's game experience, like scamming people, defame, quarrel, and so on. Imagine what a kid can do to mess up everyone, that's it. As an elder figure, I can tolerate this kind of behavior at some stages, and so far I havent felt totally pissed off. For some, their patience has reach it's limit and ready to blow off those kids away.
I dont label those kids as "noob", because many of them are higher level than me lol. I only refer them as "underage kids" who dont know how to think and act properly. And yes, I do enjoy lashing out sarcastic jokes to reply them.

Have a look at this screenshot. Notice all the pink-highlighted text? Those are called "Megaphones" in the game.
Mind you, you've to pay 450 cash/SGD 0.45/MYR 1.08 to post 1 message on the channel, just like those pink-highlighted text above. So far MapleSEA is serving 2 countries, that is Malaysia & Singapore(occasionally players from other continents), so cash items have to deal in both SGD & MYR currencies.
For Malaysians, we couldnt afford much for those cash items because it's kinda expensive, but for Singaporeans they think it's affordable(especially kiddies). So what they do with those extra cash? They spam the message channel like they did in the screenshot, either they congratulate others to reach certain levels, to express their loves, to defame others or to promote items they're selling.
Gee.... they've lots of money to throw in to celebrate some silly occasions in the game.

Hackers, it's unavoidable in any online games. So far I'm lucky to bump into a hacker, which do me no harm at all. This game has a reputation of having hackers hack the game while the Game Masters taking no action at all.
The character in the middle, xChDitz, is the hacker in this map. I just pass by this map, noticed only that person is in the map but for unknown reasons monsters in the map are killed instantly by an unknown reason. I confronted the person, which the screenshot shows. After that the person "vacuum loot" all the item drops on the ground and then buzz off to somewhere else.
It's hard to describe what's happening, but if you play the game you'll understand it.

The last thing I'd want to say, that this is just a GAME. I dunno why people take it so seriously, like any little errors made by the others is like a disaster to a certain person. I think those people who went mad because of the game is stupid, you read, STUPID!! This game is meant to be entertainment, for fun, not for you to feel frustrated or upset. You got no harm in real life if you've died in the game so many times, or having other people in the game mess with you badly, no matter what they did, it wont leave a scar in your body, well except maybe in the mind of yours.
It happen to be one of my real life friend get frustrated in the game and ended up curse and rant everything bout the game, and then attack other friends as well.

WhiteMemo, you've to learn how to be a humble person. You've played so many online games, and all the time you think you're the boss. This attitude makes fellow players around you felt fed up with you and in the end those people turned from friends to enemies. I personally know how to deal with your attitude, so what you've done doesnt affect me that much like you did to others. I just want to tell you something, that is..

Right, now I felt better after talk all the bad things in the game. For those who're reading this, and also playing MapleSEA, do pm me in the game if you like. Both my characters are in Cassopeia server.
VanBeethoven - Crossbowman.
UraniumMemo - Warrior.

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