26 December 2006

Hainan Trip

Finally the 6 days trip came to its end. Time passed so fast, its like ystrdy I'm still on the way to China, and tomorrow I'll be going back to Malaysia. Some will ask me how's the trip, well I think it's hard to reply this question. It has it's pros and cons, it's hard to tell whether this is really a fun trip or a terrible trip for me.

Hmm.... almost 95% I went to KLIA during night time, since the 1st time I board an airplane back in 1998, to Sabah. This time, we arrived at 2am, but have to wait til 6.30am only can boarding because the plane was delayed. We knew that it's important to stay awake at this moment because the flight might be changed anytime. 2am to 6.30am, we did not sleep.
The trip from KL to Hainan took about 3.5 hours.

First step into Hainan isle, it reminds me of Taiwan I've been to last year because of it's weather. A little sunny, plus windy. Although Hainan is a tropical isle, the climate is slightly colder than Malaysia, plus Dec is the coldest month in Hainan according to the tour guide.
While I still reminiscent the days in Taiwan, I quickly realised that this is China after all. Why? Because of it's communism factions & the people's ethique. You know, the red banners and chairman Mao cult, plus the spitting "bomb" by the Chinese.... those infamous traits a China Chinese shows.

To me, Hainan = China(people) + Taiwan(climate).

I've noticed lots many people drives big cars, such as Mercz & Audis around the city. Many of their cars comes with large capacity, like this Mercedes Benz S 600.
Mercedes Benz S 600

I personally like all the food they serve here through the entire trip. I enjoyed almost every meal I had. Everything to me is nice, and I ate alot. Hainan food, can be enhance by adding in their special spicy chili sauce, which taste salty & spicy(my favourite!).
I've to exercise alot in order to maintain my body weight back here.

To the tourist from China mainland, Hainan looks like the best tropical isle for them, but I tell you, as a Malaysian, I'd say Penang isle or Langkawi isle can easily beat Haina isle in terms of the beaches & environments.

China is also known to create laughters for those who can read English. Have a look at these examples....

Funny English

Funny English Funny English

Ive found my new toy, a crossbow. :D
Crossbow Me playing crossbow

The 108m GuanYin statue in Sanya, the city that hosted Miss World for few years.
GuanYin deity Family

During the Xmas evening, we're given 3 hours to shop in the shopping districts. I asked RMB 50 from my father and then roam the shopping malls alone, like what I did exactly the same during last year's Xmas in Taiwan. Planned to buy a new football boots but Hainan people doesnt really like football. They prefer basketball to football. Because of this, most of the sports shop selling basketball shoes. The only football boot I see is Mizunos. I've bought few CDs & a new earphone with the RMB50 note. Original CDs & softwares cost kinda cheap over there. Say, a Need For Speed Most Wanted original copy is selling bout RMB 60, which is about MYR 30. Compare that to the price they selling here in Malaysia, MYR 120. But I not sure whether it's available in English language though.

The journey back to KL faced a little minor probs, 4 person from my tour group can only confirm their tickets back to KL few minutes before boarding the plane. Definitely not a good situation, but thankfully everyone's going back to KL safe and sound.

Next on my travel list, is Perth, Australia. Going there bout 20th January, going there to attend cousin's wedding. :)

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