22 November 2006

SPM 2 - Drunken Night

^ The title is just a made up name, I'm not drunk!!

So far this week "attended" 3 days of non-stop "parties". It's tiring and easily making me hungry. The food they "serve" during the "party" is really bad, I couldnt bear seeing that kind of food, or is it a food?

Please ignore the paragraph above if you didnt get what I mean. Writing something like that more or less can ease off a little exam stress.

Monday had Bahasa Melayu papers. This is the last and the hardest BM paper I ever had, since primary school's exams!! I've to admit that I somehow relied on the tips the last BM seminar teacher gave us(didnt write bout him, drafted that post but havent published). Damn, none of the BM literature came out. But I didnt felt too bad bout it, because the other tuition centers didnt score for BM as well, including the scammer Andrew C which I hated so much!
Too bad for those who actually paid RM60 above to get the useless tips, wasted the money, it'll be better if you bring that money to me to keep on rockin' the party!

History papers, I didnt really bother much to do revisions. I cant understand so many stories and facts in the matter of few minutes time! Most of the time I answer the paper with my logical thinking and common sense. So happy when it comes out essay about World War II history, because I know it's background while doing research on that topic on Wpedia. Doing extra readings on Wpedia really works!

English papers, not as tough as BM but more tricky than Chinese. One thing I'd like to mention bout this paper is the essay part. Of 5 titles available, I chose to write about "Food".
One of the reason is that I'm a big fan of any great food available out there, though I didnt write much bout it in my blog because I'm not good in writing foodblogs, unlike other bloggers like Aunt Lilian or KYspeaks, their blogs inspires me to write this essay.
However, I still think that the essay I wrote for my trial(read here) is much better than the one I wrote in the real SPM paper. I wish they could switch the titles, because I've many things to write bout "Peace" rather than "Food". Still, should be able to get well marks for the overall papers.

Mathematics, today's big cheese. Paper 1, I think I can score more than 30 questions out of total 40 questions, well hopefully. Paper 2, should my calculations and workings are all correct, I could beg in above 80 for the paper. Yes, hopefully I do snatch away another A too. :D

BM - 3B
Eng - 1A
History -2A
Math - 2A

Friday, EST, dunno what should I read, maybe some more readings on Wpedia? I love to do so but now I'm very tired.....
Like I said in the beginning of this post,
exam = hunger + fatigue + stress
Remember this formula!

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  1. wa...3 A !! geng wor..
    math you sure can get 1A de la..easy + gred very low..