07 November 2006

School SPM Seminar

This happened ystrdy, but I only blog it today because I'm addicted....

It's unusual that the school teachers themselves are the lecturer for the SPM seminar the school held. The topics discussed are BM, Eng & History. The speakers? Mr Mohd Sukri in Eng, Pn Haniza in BM, and Ms Chong NC on History.

Nothing to shout about this seminar, but I still appreciate the school still trying to help us to face the exam at this eleventh hour. :)
Ms Chong's self-made History notes are useful, lots of useful tips & tricks to cope the exam needs.

1 more week to go, the first SPM paper will be Chinese. Then, BM and the other subjects will continue to haunt us the next week.

How bad it is.... I'm addicted to a new drug, just before I'm going to have my drug test soon....

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