24 November 2006

National Service updates

Father informed me few moments ago, I've been selected into the 2nd batch NS for year 2007. Location is still remain unknown. Tomorrow's major newspapers will came out with the full list of participants.

Oh crap, 18th of March ~ 9th of June, uhuh....

UPDATE 1: It seems many friends are on the 2nd batch, I hope I wont be alone over there. 'til now only the 1st batch's dispatch location is given, 2nd batch have to wait til Feb 07.

For now, I see most friends from 1st batch is going to either Pahang, Sarawak or Sabah. One special that is Val's going to Terengganu, for now I dunno where's anyone else going.


  1. from where ur dad got to know u r 2nd batch? i tot no1 will know bout it b4 25nov06.

  2. From some source, now the website can check alrdy, only 1st batch's camp location is available.

  3. good la..many also 2nd batch le..
    so during chinese new year still can go play^^

    dun forget us after you back from there and don't forget to get a pretty girl friend at there ya^^