02 November 2006

Chong Hwa Graduation 2006

After spending 5 years(6 for some) studying in this school, it's about time to bid farewell to the school and friends. I felt that I'm lucky can be a part of this school, although it isnt the best but the quality is there.

Different people see things differently, I see lots of good things in this school. It's one of the best memories in my life for now. It's kinda unbelievable I'm gonna leave this school so soon, it's just too fast, 5 years.....

I must say that I've changed alot since my primary school era. From a quiet and shy boy, now I've become more confident and friendly guy. My social skills have improved alot too. Not least but last, I've gain alot of useful knowledge and skills I can benefit for the rest of my life. All the things I've learnt are priceless, it cant be bought by money or time, this is the perfect time to learn everything once in for all.


Let's talk about yesterday's graduation ceremony....

Surprisingly, the ceremony are punctual, because most of the time events like this are delayed for few moments. It's good to be punctual, isnt it? Dont need to waste everyone's time.

Other than the graduation cert we recieved, the school also give out cert for those who did well in their studies & co-curriculum activities. Too bad for my class, only few of them deserve to take such cert, which is valuable for future use. S1 to S5(exclude my class S3) classmates all have done well to receive the credit.

This graduation ceremony is a little unusual. You see, graduate means we're no longer require to goto school, but for us we still have to attend school even after the ceremony. Most teachers arent teaching, but some still insist we've to do our final revision in the class.

A graduation ceremony wont be a complete event without singing few songs, notable the song Auld Lang Syne, one of the famous farewell songs out there. Heh, this song is an emotional song, people usually will drop tears easily when singing this song. What's more worse for us is that we've to sing this song in 3 language(means sing 3 times!), 3 times the emotional feeling, lol.
Well, I only see 1 girl's crying, but heard few more suffer from emotional breakdown in the classroom.

After the graduation ceremony, we still have bout 1 and a half hour to spend before we leave the school. So what do we do? Everyone's up to 1 business, that is cam-whoring!! We all take pictures like we didnt take before, or it's like the end of the day, everyone will be leaving soon. Hah, whatever it is, we all do enjoy this precious time to take photos with our friends, because this is the only time the school authorities wouldnt bother us to do some crazy stunts, like S4 & S5's game of tree banging. I'll post video of that game if I can receive it from friend.

Graduation certificate

The whole graduation's atmosphere is consider to be joyful, rather to be sombre because we still can meet each other in school(like I said, still have to come to school!).

I think it is important to preserve those great memories we've in the school, especially the graduation day. So I've take my step to compile pics and vids together, some of them are available at the previous posts. I will post up any updates on those medias if I can get more.

'til then, enjoy the song below, lol.

Auld Lang Syne, sang by S2 classmates.

Tribute to Chong Hwa, one of the best school I've attended so far.....


  1. u do enjoy ur sch life in ur sch i wud guess.....good.

    u r so lucky to hav dat kind of graduation ceromony, mine was more like a christianity talk....i'm kinda confuss wth it is.