28 October 2006

Last Holiday

Last holiday for me as a secondary school student. Less than 20 days to go I'll start my last exam.

Right, I suppose to revise everything I could to take on the exam, but then most of the time I'm sitting infront of computer doing "daily chores", check mail, blogging, read articles, etc. I dont really had any feeling bout the upcoming exam.

One of the reason is because at home I cant really concentrate study. Computer is such an attractive item that every single nerve cell in my body are attracted to it, unless there's some other factors are present.

Fooling around in Wikipedia is a nice thing to do to kill time, provided you're interested in reading lots of text, diagrams & graphics. Wpedia wont disappoint me when I'm searching for info I need, or some new knowledge to learn. I'd say Wpedia gives me 90% feedback of all my inquiries.

Meanwhile, watching video on YouTube also has been another daily routine. I've found many nice videos of artist like Yanni & Vangelis, both are contemporary instrumental music maestro origin from Greece, some of my favourite instrumental musician.

I still owe someone a review of the Yanni Live! DVD I recieved last month. I really enjoy the entire performance, really, but I guess I only have the time to complete the review after the exam, which is in Dec.

At the meantime, I still have to catch up with my National Service notification. I dunno I'll be chosen in which group, and also which camp. No matter where I'll be going, I hope there'll be some familiar faces going there along.
Although I can adapt to new environment pretty quickly, but it's always better to have someone you know also be with you, aint it?


  1. haiz...ns do make my life miserable.
    b4 goin already like hell, can't imagine wat it will b.
    hopefully ppl there not like wat i heard from frenz----racist.

    anyway....it is juz my luck.

  2. hooi...study lor...!!!!

    aighh...now really no mood to study lar...

    you xin er li bu zhu...