30 October 2006

Interesting figures

I just checked my Google Adsense resport. I've started to put on G Ads on my blog since last year, but didnt really bother bout the earnings or the ads placement. I just simply put it for fun.

Not until in May after I changed my blog's template and everything, I take G Ads seriously after that. Since the background is white, so ads placement are pretty simple and direct.

After I did some research on placing the ads properly, earnings started to flow in with convincing figures. I start G Ads on last year, and til 30th of June I earn around USD 6.50 only, but starting from July's monthly earnings I earn bout USD 10 and the following months I manage to score around USD 13 a month. I think I still need few months, say 4 months before I can reach the USD 100 mark and collect the cheque.

It's quite an interesting method to earn money through Internet, as what I've been trying to do for the past few years.

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