20 October 2006


Ystrdy, Jushua the monitor asked all of us to fill in a name list with our ambitions. We've been filling this kind of stuff since we'rd Std 1(dated 10 yrs ago), and now this is our last time to do this.

Back in primary school, many students want to be either a doctor, police, or teacher because at their standard those are the only available options for them to write, and teachers can only came up with jobs like that if the students asked if there's any options.
Of course, kid says the darnest things, they can came up with some crazy things, like I remember one of my primary schoolmate wrote he wants to be superman, influenced by watching too much TV.
6 years filling in our ambition in primary school, the jobs are almost the same, not much changes.

Now in secondary school, we're able to think more wisely and realistic. Our thinking has become more mature, we choose the job we're most interested, as well as having the skills and advantages to excel in that job sector.

I take my time to read what's in my classmates' mind before writing down my choices. Some of them wanted to try medical sector, some opt to be a businessman, and some wanted to be a chef. I joke with those who're wanted to be chef, make sure they invite us to taste their food when they've succeed.

Me? Hmm.... it's hard for me to decide what I really want to do in the future, I often get stuck when thinking of this, but then I've now somehow made up my mind.
I want to be a researcher, specifically in humanity and sociology(planning for future studies), an IT technician(related to computer), and finally, maybe a music producer? Heh, I dunno, the last choice is just a playful act I do to fill in the last space. Well it might be possible, because I'm a big fan of music, so who knows? ;)

It is not easy to choose the job you want to do in the future, but it is not bad if you've made up your mind, to set a target what you want to achieve in the future.

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