05 September 2006

SPM Seminar - School

Many people skipped today's class because there's a whole-day SPM Bahasa Melayu seminar for us F5s, well I dunno I should refer them as lucky or unlucky.... Lucky is because it's a very boring seminar, unlucky is maybe they cant get the tips and tricks to handle the exam?
As for me, I did not worried too much, I'm confident I can pass this paper without any much problems. :)

Tomorrow I'm going to attend a Geography seminar course organised by Ministry of Education, at PSPN Cheras, which is located at Bandar Sri Permaisuri, very far away from my activity area. I just did a Google Earth research, it's about 20km from my area.
Very, very far away, and the transportation fee is more expensive than the course's fee. 2 days trip via taxi cost RM 27, while the course fee is just RM 16... RM 43 used just like that....

So far I've a little info about the course, but I was told the course begin from 8am and end at 4pm. I'll miss 2 day's school and tuition session, oh well.

Trial exam for SPM will start this Saturday for Economy paper and Art paper, whereas my exam will start only next Tuesday, Chinese paper.....

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