22 September 2006

Exam update 6 + "Eat ball"

Physic 1, 2, & 3.
Hmm.... other than Paper I, the other two papers LEAKED, again. I got a little tips for P2(only those topics will come out for the exam) and the answer for P3(everything).
Everyone's having a copy of the answer sheet today, since we've to many time to kill before the exam starts at 11am.
The result? I dunno, depends on how Ms Nee mark our papers.

Tomorrow is the paper I hate the most, Moral paper. I think the entire idea of this subject is stupid, a moron's moral wont improve better even if they score A for Moral paper.
Pure uselessness, even History has it's own use compare to Moral. I think the only use of the Moral subject is to add another additional subject on the SPM result sheet, that's all, or perhaps an extra A for someone?

Next week there'll be Bio and Chem paper for us. I've some tips for the 2 papers but it's doubtful. I rather try not to follow 100% according to the tips.
As what I know, I'm better in both Bio and Chem compare to Phyz. A little more revision for those 2 subjects and I'm on!!


Friday will not be completed if I didnt touch a football. Today we played F5 VS F5 on the futsal field. It's a messy game, as we're playing 10+ VS 10+ futsal in a used-to-be-basketball court.
I'm the keeper again, since last week's great performance, they're counting on me to be the last man on the field.

The game isnt that bad, I did not concede any goals again. But then, there's risk when playing the game which I've suffered from it today. One of the opponent striker hit the ball hard and I've no time to react. The ball eventually hit straight at my face, chinese/cantonese says 吃波饼, if you know what I mean.
Crap, my braces tear my lips and now I'm waiting an ulcer to form on my lips.... They say, no pain no gain, football is fun, but have to suffer abit in order to really enjoy the whole game, well that's what I think, Worth the injury? Yeah.... thankfully it's just a very minor injury. ;)

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