11 August 2006

PCfair 2006

12.30pm, school ends and sis fetch me to the the PCfair at KL Convention Center. Ate our lunch at Ampang Park McD and started the hunt around 2pm.

I'm thinking of getting a new LCD, only to find out that the best offer I can get is from Dell. My aim is a 17' analogue flat display LCD, cost RM519. I couldnt find any better brands that can beat this price. Luckily the offer is available for online-shop, so have to wait for father's credit card approval to get it.
2nd sis CLH might consider getting a Dell's laptop, but she's very picky for the laptop. I can easily get a laptop for myself there, but for her it's very hard to decide on which laptop. So call the "X factor" huh....

What we've bought today? We've bought a NetGear G Wireless Router.
Now all 3 of us will not have to share for the same line anymore. Heh, they can even online in the toilet, that's where I've tried to connect and it works. Yeah!!

2nd purchase goes to the Canon printer ink catridge, BCI-24 Black twin pack. Cost RM 44, but later we saw cheaper offer for that. Well, we bought the catridge at the official Canon booth so.... the price's dead, we couldnt haggle the price with them.

Today's the first day of the PCfair, suprisingly it's not congested and too crowded like what happen in Putra World Trade Center which the PCfair were hosted years ago. I bought this com I'm using now in PCfair 2002 at there.... was a real nightmare me and my sis. The 2006 PCfair was divided into few levels, each level contain different categories of electronics, from laptops, audiophiles to hardcore hardware stuffs, etc.

If you're interested going to the PCfair, I suggest you go there as soon as possible. Do not drive car if you're driving, take public transport like LRT is the better choice(safe oil and time).
Well, expect to carry your stuff back to the LRT station by yourself. There's a distance between Convention Center and LRT station.... I've warn you... it's a shopping heaven for guys, if you can afford it. ;)

P/S: Thx Val for inform me the LCD price... appreciate it, and sorry to disturb your nap. :P

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