21 August 2006

The end of Geo

Today 7am reach school to attend Geo class, have to attend it because I didnt attend last week's class. When I reach school, it seems that the F4s are having a camp there, a leadership camp which
I've attended last year, almost the same thing, except this year they're gonna stay overnight while our's just last for 1 day.

Waited for Ms Lee's arrival from 7am t0 9am. I've done some chemistry exercises, as well as visit the chemistry lab for the last time. There's afew other F4 students who're taking Geo too, but F5s only left myseld and Chun Meng, the 'professor' in F5.

Ms Lee arrived sometime around 9.15am, and the first thing she does is 'blast' us like we've done something terribily wrong and then say she quits teaching Geo, everything happens in just 5 mins. I dunno what is her problem, she's just too sensitive sometimes, overreact. I'm suffering from her since F3, it's kinda relief it's the end of it, I rather study Geo all by myself. But anyway, she's quite nice when she's in good mood, which seldom happen.

9.20am, walk from school to Stpk Indah football field few KMs away. 30 mins reach there, I was suppose to have football game today but I've to attend the Geo class. The boys are still playing there, I join in for awhile and later we had a tea break. Ate roti boom and milo ice, treat it like a reward for myself I guess.

Walk back to LRT station and take a ride to WM station.... walk back home. That's what I'm doing today, tomorrow still have to attend some extra tuition classes.....

Kinda pathetic to see my Geo class ended up like this, she's just too sensitive, bad-tempered. If she can change herself(which is impossible), she can be a great teacher. Too bad.... :\

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