01 July 2006

Windows Live Messenger 8.0

Friends are asking me to install the new Windows Live Messenger, formerly known as MSN Messenger. So decided to try it out.

Noticed that this new Messenger crashed quite frequently. I dunno is my connection's prob or what, but this thing is not as stable as previous Messenger. Anyway, gonna stick with it from now on.

I've also installed another plugin/add on for this Messenger Live, the Messenger Plus! Live.

Noticed the half-transparent Messenger window? I did it with the MsgPlus! . MsgPlus! is a very useful add on to let me track contacts, also more freedom to customize the Messenger.
Some say it's a spyware, well it is not if you check properly during the installation by checking "Do not support sponsor programs" in the initial setup.

I guess Microsoft might release another version of this Messenger pretty soon to fix the clash I'm having in this Messenger.
Anyone out there can add my MSN, at...

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