03 July 2006

Time of My Life

Back to school after another weekend, was looking foward for the final part of the Trigonometry chapter. :)

Today the librarians and Designers' club launched their respective campaigns during the assembly, I must say I'm really impress by the librarians' performance, especially their background music. I'm a music freak, of course I'll take notice of the music they played. Nice techno, like that song.

Well, if it wasnt the principal's "interception" during the assembly, at least I wont felt so annoyed this morning. Ok, so he's having his propaganda tell the students to get more donations for the school jogathon. I dislike the way he speaks, he really need to rephrase everything he said, it's totally not convincing and irritating, in my opinion though.
A teacher once told me, the principal is a nice guy, but he really need to improve his communication skill, especially addressing the students during assembly. Oh well....

Add Math lesson, I'm getting on track with the homeworks, thankfully. This topic isnt that hard as what I thought at the beginning, but then I stil have probs in to prove the identities.

Today Haniza's lesson is a little different than usual. She said it's 2 months to go to our trial exam, so she wants to be serious and want our class to get the best academy award in the Science class. Well, putting up the pressure on us....
Anyhow, she immediately "switch back" to her normal teaching style when we start the lesson. 2 poor girls from the afternoon session was called into our class because of making noise outside our classroom. Gee.... they've to stand in our class looking at us for 15 mins doing nothing! Haniza's really crazy sometimes, but the most important is we enjoy her teaching than the previous teacher.

Hmm.... it's coming closer and closer, every month seems to passed so fast.... few weeks later I'll have another monthly exam, and then the beginning of Sept the trial exam.
Sigh.... I must really work harder from now on!!

This is just a once in a lifetime experience, if I miss it, I'll regret forever....

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