09 July 2006

SPM Seminar

SPM's getting closer and closer, so I've decided to take up seminar for few subjects as a revision.

I've been leaving the tuition centre, Suria Jaya since 2004 when I'm preparing for my PMR exam. I'm currently having my tuition under Suria Jasa, another centre which belongs to the same company, just that the 2nd centre is located closer to my school.

It's just like 4 years ago, I've met with some old-friends there, and the atmosphere is still the same.

My watch is "dead" when I was going to the centre, it stops at 3am/pm(not sure) and I've no time to get another watch because there is no spare. I'm not use to it for not wearing a watch. I got a watch on my wrist all the time and here's a proof of it.

Today I had Chemistry and Biology lesson.
I'm not so happy with the Chem teacher, I think he talk alot of unrelated topics and ignored the main topic we're revising.
Bio teacher, Dr Haresh whom had been teaching me for this year. I like his teaching though, he's a PhD holder after all....

What I've learnt today.

In chemistry, if you've mastered the periodic table of elements, it wont be hard to continue the other topics in chemistry.

The most important elements are the first 20 elements, from Hydrogen to Calcium. Also, take note of the 3 special groups, the 1st group, alkali metals; the 17th group, halogens; the 18th group, noble gas.


In Biology, there's possibilities that mitosis and meiosis might came out. I think these 2 process arent that hard if you really put in effort to read it. I think I'm more than 50% understand the whole process.

Osmosis topic is also another important part to revise.

Enzyme, one of the most popular questions out there. Take note of the temperature, pH, concentration of the enzyme. There is a few graphs related to these 3 factors too.

I guess that's it for now. I'll write more about the revision for next week's lesson, which is Add Math and Physics.

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