19 July 2006

Some stuff happened today

First of all, happy birthday to a blogger/schoolmate, Val who turn 17 today.

Second, I'm the hat-trick hero of the football game between S3 and S4. Yeah!!
1st goal a left-foot shot from the centre, 2nd goal a great header from a cross, 3rd goal a right foot touch from a low cross. Yes!! (getting crazier playing football nowdays, aiming to score a hat-trick!)

Third, school's monthly test will be postponed for 1 week. The original date set on next Monday, but our school's police cadet are participating a state competition so the admin decided to postpone the exam to the other week.

Forth, my 2nd sis from ShangHai is coming back tonight, mid-night. Things might get a little more interesting when she came back. At least, I can tease her when I'm bored. :P

P/S: This post might be a little bored, so here's an interesting stuff happens today.

My shoe, after playing football. Dirth huh? The shoe lace's white color is the original color before the game begins....

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