17 July 2006

Prize + Study + Blog

Morning recieved my prize for getting 3rd place of the typing speed competition I participated last 2 weeks ago. The prize? Here is it...

Optical mouse
A pathetic MiC(made in China) mouse.
I should've got the 2nd prize, which is a multimedia headset...

Today I'm into the 8th chapter of my Add Math. It's a kind of advance probabilities. It uses the formula below...

P(x=r) = nCr * pr * q n-r

At first I've no idea about this, but I think I can do better after some exercises.

I've also learnt a new topic in Chemistry. It's about soap & detergent. Sounds boring? Actually there's some interesting facts about these 2 stuff.
Example, soap is based on natural fat(eg, animal fat/plant oil) while detergent is based on petroleum.

After school session, got appointment with fellow blogger friends Milly & SA. Too bad Val isnt available today. 3 of us had our lunch at Desa Setapak, must thank SA for paying everyone's bill. :P

We all talk mostly about schools, exams, studies, etc... Seriously, it's hard for me to have something incommon to talk to them other then blogs. They're college students while I'm just a secondary student, there's a gap between us.

Anyway, it's still to meet up with friends who I usually "meet" online. See if there's next time.... more people can join in.

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