10 June 2006

World Cup Fever!!

Golden Teamgeist & World Cup

That's it!! Everyone's gone crazy for the biggest sporting event on Earth!! I will be glued to the TV from now on, instead of computer. Hahah!!

Well, I'm rooting for 4 teams this time.

  • Brazil
    Yeah, the Samba's playing very entertaining attacking style, as usual.
    I'd like to see which team can stop Brazil's attacking line, Ronaldo, Adriano, Ronaldinho, Kaka. And yea, almost all players in Brazil team can go on attacking anytime, except the keeper.

  • Germany
    No matter where the team plays, the best is play at home ground. Germans want to defend their national pride, 'eh?
    Ballack the midfield mastermind, with S7(Scwenstinger or whatever), Borowski, the German's Panzer can go on destroying many teams. We'll see.

  • Netherlands
    The "Brazil of Europe". Very nice attacking gameplay with some of the most promising youngsters playing in the foward. I think the Oranges can proceed to the final 16.

  • England
    With their warm up match performance, even without Rooney, I'm quite sure this time England can go better than last WC.
    The midfielders are the key, also their defense are quite tough. The fowards, with the current form I guess it's not a prob for the England team.

    I predicted either Brazil or Germany, one of them will goto the final of the finals. Who knows?

    Anyway, enjoy the game!!
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