25 June 2006


Monday, I'm going to set my foot on the stage, again. This time, collecting my prize for school English essay competition.
This isnt the first time for me though, I've been walking up to the stage almost every years. Some thoughts I'd like to share with the world....

The stage, especially school stage, can be a hall of fame, and also a hall of shame.

It take courage for a person to talk on the stage, whether it's for fame or shame.

You feel proud, when students cheer for you.
You feel shame, when students boo at you.

Everytime I step onto the stage recieve my award, I feel proud, even if the other students arent cheering or appaulse.
Smile at the principal, shake hand, take my award, thank him, then walk down the stage.
This happen in just a few seconds, and it's enough to let everyone knows you better, how good you are.

Some of my friends are always on the list for recieving awards, some of them, are numb of getting onto the stage over and over again. For some, they treasure this oppoturnity and hope that they can get more awards in the future.

Well, I might sound abit arrogant, but that's just a darkside of myself.
The school will he having another competition very soon, it's about computer and I want to claim the prize once in for all.

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