27 June 2006

Report Card

Tomorrow is the day parents goto school to collect report card for students. My mom's collecting for me. She'll have to pause from her work for awhile to come to my school to collect it. I suppose she'll be in her uniform, kinda eye-catching as she's wearing all-whites.

Regarding my results, some of the subjects improved, but some dropped.
This time I'm doing pretty well in languages. Scored more than 70 in each papers.

I'm still not good enough in science subjects, although the result came close to 70....
Mathematics, still acceptable.

I did not fail any of the papers I had, but I did badly in some of the papers.

  • Add Math
    It's a real killer, like what I've mentioned earlier. If you're good, then you're good. If not, things will be ugly.

  • Moral
    Stupid subject, but still have to face it. This time the teacher's marking is so strict, cost me lots of points in the overall result. Sigh, I miss last year's Moral teacher, Mdm Tan SL.

  • History
    The teacher is like a robot, he mark the papers just as what the answer provided by the MoE. Damn, why cant be be more reasonable in giving marks? Is there any difference between Portugese and Portugal?(I've trouble with this Q). Sigh.... miss Chandran's lesson....

    11/34, I dont think my parents will nag me with my standing in the class. The standing doesnt mean my overall performance, it's just like a competition with classmates.
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    1. haiyo..

      i love those working mom wear nice nice uniform wor..special mah.kkeke...

      report card day make me think of last time, mummy always come to collect my report card...

      teacher always said
      "wah.. ur daughter so big gal aredi, and u stil look young lar!"

      mummy always said
      "teacher, my daughter is very talkactive at class ar?"

      teacher always answer
      "ur daughter is not talkactive, but is good in sociable.."

      ekke.... i miss those day lar... even though now i stil have report card day or call as parent-lecturer day, but mummy wont go a nymore, cos she said i big gal enuff laio..no need mummy always see tecaher... kekeke... i wonder whta my lecturer will tell my mummy... "ur daughter ar... very lazy, always talk talk talk in lecture hall... but result come out, not bad wor..."