23 June 2006

Learning is a Part of Life

AddMath, today learnt about trigonometry graphs.

I've just learnt the function graph of sinus, cosinus and tangen. The cot, cosec & sec is not in my book yet.

There's similarities in both sinus and cosinus graphs, as well as a few difference. The basic function graph looks like this.

y = sin x

y = cos x

Stil got some h'work for this topic I need to finish up. The graphs is kinda tricky especially when there's fraction(eg, ½) in the function.


Chinese lesson, today Mdm CPC's asking us to transfer a dialouge into an article. So the dialouge is about a father and daughter, discussing the daughter's career. Well, when it comes to this kind of topics, Mdm CPC will have lots of ideas and thoughts to share with us.

She said, back in 70s or 80s, many people from countryside would dream of working in big cities, such as KL.
She said, some parents encourage their children(now adult) to gamble their fate to leave their hometown, while some conservative parents kept their children within their hometown, as they think going somewhere new to explore is a risky game to play as they think working in hometown is the best choive.

For me, I'd say going out to explore the world is a challenge, yet everyone must at least try it. I believe youngsters nowdays are keen to goto somewhere new, no matter it's another city, or another country. I've been to few countries and understand the concept of exploring the new world.

Moving out from own territory is not an easy thing to do for some people, and of course, there is a risk of trying luck out there.
History records shows that it isnt easy for people to migrate to a new environment, take an example of Hijrah in Islam. No, I'm not a Muslim but this is a common knowledge for Malaysians because our country's official religion is Islam.


Our class' exam ranking was announced today. Although I did improve a little in some subjects, but everyone else' improving. I manage to get near Top 10, well, the nearest to Top 10, 11 that is. If only I could squeeze more marks from some of the papers, I think I've better chance to hop into the Top 10. 11 out of 34, consider average. Hmm.... I'm confident I can get better marks in the real exam.

Again, I told some lame jokes in Haniza's BM class. She doesnt mind my sarcastic comments, that's good, classmates are enjoying too. Nowdays I've turn into a lame-joker, and my target is Haniza. Heheh.

Someone from the English Language Society notify me I'm recieving an award next Monday, from the English Essay Competition my school held quite some time ago.
My position? I dunno but I hope I can get another folder, just like 2 years ago from the same occasion. That time I've won the 2nd place, no idea for this time though. We'll see on next Monday.

After school, GAME ON!!
Football, of course is my first choice game. Manage to play through most of the games. Assist 1 goal, scored nil. Not bad for today, but I've sprained my ankle. It still hurts now, I'll just have to be more careful next time...


  1. lol it's sine cosine and tangent, not sinus cosinus and tangen

  2. hahahah! I only realised the mistake now after 4 years lol.
    can't be helped, as last time was learning it in Malay instead of English.