15 June 2006

Just Nice

I need some laugh today, seriously. Although today's a fine day for me, but I think I'm lack of laughing matter. Can someone cheer me up?

Today everything seems to went on smoothly. I've not much complains other than my exam results.

Nowdays have to wear tie again in the morning, to avoid being charged by the teacher as monitors are asked to wear tie. Because of certain briefings, I'm late for my Moral project brefing. Hmm.... gotta hand over the troublesome by next Friday.

Chinese lesson listen to Mdm Chek's stories again.
AddMath lesson, finalised my +Math results, near 50% from the total marks. Disappointing, but I'm determind to concentrate 100% to master this subject. And, tomorrow we're gonna start trigonometry lesson tomorrow.

Having quite a good time at library today chat with friends today during recess. Another day I emptied my stomach.

Finalised Chemistry paper. Not so bad after all, but I expect to get better marks. Well.... stil got lots of things to learn in Chemistry.

History, Sulhan is like a robot who do not accept any other logical answers other than the answer sheets provided by the MoE. Stupid, MoE's answers also having lots of problem, still.... Sulhan rather follow the answers blindly and do not want to investigate the questions. Sigh, I miss Chandran's history lesson now. :(

Physic is another killer this time, I just hope it doesnt get as bad my +Math then.

Went to tuition, was informed that Chemistry teacher was away for course so today's class was canceled. Good, I can get back home earlier to relax abit. :)

Trigonometry identifications, just have to replace and solve the question. Looks tough, but actually it's not that hard as what I thought. Since the exam provides the formula sheet so I think it is stil OK for me to coup it.

What's next? Tomorrow's Friday, another day for me to kill time playing football, if the juniors did bring football tomorrow. Few months didnt kick a ball, desperate....

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