03 June 2006

First week of the holiday

I'm hooked on the game The Sims 2, trying to mastermind the gameplay. Now I felt like my life's just like the Sims.... oh my.

Well, apart of computer games I also have to attend tuition classes though. As usual's Tues-Thurs schedule, but have an extra morning class on Friday to replace Bio lesson. Stil, it's better than I didnt study anything at all, right? Sheehz... I really should've revise my studies. There's stil 1 more week of holiday....

Btw, my father's coming back from his business trip to Taiwan. I dont really have any feeling while he's away, it's quite normal I didnt see him for days or weeks, because he usually came back from work after 11pm, while I've sleep before 11pm. Sad, isnt it?
Dunno what he'll bring back tonight.

To conclude this post, will post few pics from The Sims 2.

The big bunglow I build for 8 sims. It's laggy though.
This is not the final work yet.
The Sims 2

Teen sims' first kiss.
Berjes' first kiss

Sims electrocuted while trying to fix stereo.

Sims painted the creator of The Sims, Will Wright.
He isnt very please with the environment though.

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