17 June 2006


Today rewatch "I Not Stupid Too", manage to copy down the details of the blog the boy's using in the movie.

The boy, Tom's blog is hosted under CampusMoBlog, a Singapore-based blogging service for teenagers.
I'm interested in the service and tried to sign up one account, but it seems the service is only for Singaporeans and have to validate the registration through mobile phone(it's a moblog after all).

What is Campus MoBlog?

Campus MoBlog (www.campusmoblog.com.sg) is an initiative by SingTel to provide students and schools with a one-stop portal for them to learn, exchange and share ideas and experiences across the various schools.

With Campus MoBlog, students will be able to start individual or group blogs with their mobile phones and PC. SingTel hopes to encourage more youths to use technologies available today such as the Internet and mobile phones to find a unique voice.

To kick start this site, we have launched the National Interschool Blogging Championship which is co-organised by SingTel and the Ministry of Education.

What else can I do on CampusMoblog?

  • Express myself.
  • share views and experience.
  • Discuss the day's lessons.
  • Start my own interest group.
  • Post and share photos of school's special events.
  • Make friends and chat.

  • I've been looking foward for a teen blog community, specially made for Malaysians. Well, blogging among teens may not be a trend by now, but then I hope I can meet with some other potential bloggers around my age.

    Seriously, what I learn from my friends is that they treat computer as a tool for games and chat, there's stil a lot of things we can learn through computer, Internet, but sadly, not many of them realise this....

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