17 May 2006

Royal Selangor's World Cup 2006 Merchandise

Royal Selangor is promoting the World Cup 2006 pewter products recently, they're selling official merchandise of the big game eventhough I dont think that's any relationship between Royal Selangor and FIFA, the football organisation. It must be evil BUSINESS. Hmm....

Anyway, some of the products caught my attention.

Keychain with symbol. RM 35

World Cup 2006 Logo Pendant. RM 40

World Cup 2006 Logo & Title Pendant. RM 40

These are the pieces I'm affordable. Spend few bucks on these minerals, do you think it's worth it? To me, it's way cheaper than those gold ornaments or so.
Once in 4 years event, to keep it as a memento isnt a bad idea, though I didnt went to Germany to watch the game. :P

One thing I'd like to mention is, the pewter factory is actually located very near my place. It's within walking distance from my house(actually it's 2~4km away). It's been awhile didnt went there, maybe after the exam I should go there by myself and check it out.
If I'm serious getting this, I'll probably get only one, that's enough. Stil have to save my money for other uses too!!

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