22 May 2006

Exam XI: History

History I

Objective questions. 40 questions, 5 uncertain answers. Period.

History II

Just because I've too many tips, I've messed up the most important parts, the essay part(60/100). Arghh... missed few points in the essays, dunno what the teacher will think about my answer? Sulhan.... I doubt your ability teach and mark History paper.


Hah, S2 and S4s are really good in digging exam tips, but now everyone' facing the same proble, Chemistry paper. Neither school teacher nor tuition teacher are willing to give us tips for Chem. I guess we've to really work hard in this subject.

Chemistry, I have to really work hard on this subjet. Although I like this subject but it's weird I cant really get good results from it since last year. I dunno whether the teacher is too strict or I'm not good enough, I'll just try my best and give the best shot I've got tomorrow!!

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