05 May 2006

Exam I: Chinese

First paper from the 3 weeks exam, kinda nervous at the beginning.

Chinese Paper I

It's all about essay-writing. First letter invitation wasnt a prob for me, piece of cake.

Second essay, I choose factual essay about the effects of the rising oil-price. Thankfully I've followed the updates of this news, so I dont have any much prob to write it, but the time factor forced me to write the essay shorter than I expected, which means less points. :(

Chinese Paper II

1 summary, 2 comprehension, 2 classic article, chinese grammar questions.
Well.... the teacher says this paper is hard, but it turn out that most of my classmates and myself finish the paper very fast, that makes our Chinese teacher Mdm Chek warn us for any mistakes we made, for all the mistakes we must do correction for 10 times....
Overall it's not a very hard paper, though the paper was set by the Ministry of Education...

Next Monday going to have Bahasa Melayu(Malay) exam, and on Monday too I'll have another dental appointment, hopefully I can remove my braces alrdy. :)

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